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Reaching New Heights in Jackson Hole

Phyl P
by Phyl Perry

April 15, 2019

3 minute read

Picture yourself in Wyoming, USA riding the Jackson Hole aerial tram up 4,139 vertical feet in only 12 minutes. As you look around, you wonder if the stunning views of the sky, the mountains, and the valley could possibly be real or are you just dreaming it all? Pinch yourself. This is real!

Reaching the top

Jackson Hole Gondola

When you reach the top at Rendezvous Peak you are at an elevation of 10,450 feet. The temperature has dropped dramatically even though it’s September, but you can’t wait to get a selfie with Jackson Hole Valley and the Tetons in the background. If you are really adventurous on your Jackson Hole tour, you have access to numerous hiking trails, paragliding, and other activities that are sure to get your heart pumping.

Waffles with a side of scenery

waffles nutella

If you’re more like me, your heart beats for only one thing: waffles. I had been hearing about the iconic waffles and hot chocolate available at Corbet’s Cabin and I couldn’t wait to check out the place where they’re serving up sweet comfort food with a side of stunning scenery.

I was out with our guests on our America's Cowboy Country Tour when on that particular September day, the universe aligned so that there was free time to finally check it out. When it comes to food, I have no shame and can chow down with people twice my size. Needless to say, this was a thrill for me to finally get here.

Which flavour would you choose?


Corbet’s offers up the following delectable waffle flavours:

  • Gateway: Peanut butter and bacon
  • Italian: Nutella and strawberries
  • Englishman: Lemon glaze, powdered sugar and whipped cream
  • Traditional: Brown sugar and butter

I chose the Nutella with strawberries and a hot cocoa. It was deliciously messy and probably thousands of calories, but I didn’t care. I was in chocolate heaven and it was worth every calorie. If hot chocolate isn’t your drink of choice, you can choose to warm your belly with Irish whiskey or Schnapps instead.

Other ways to enjoy the heights

When thrill seeking is more your thing, there is another way to enhance your time here: the Teton Village Gondola. The gondola takes you to an elevation of 9,095 feet with a view that’s just as stunning as the one from the tram. On most summer nights you can ride it for free after 5 pm. You can eat outside on the deck or just enjoy your favourite libation alongside the world class view. If you’re lucky, you might also catch some live music.

If you have an opportunity to ride the tram or the gondola, I promise it will be one of the highlights of your visit to Jackson Hole.

PS: When you get there, can you give the peanut butter and bacon waffle a try for me?

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